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A Dream Not Quite Forgotten

So I know I had this weird dream last night. I woke up in the middle of it, and tried to fall back asleep into it. I even repeated everything in my head that had happened up until then, but I don’t think it stuck with me. I wanna say that Amber and I were trying to get through some door, but before that we had needed a log or something like that. Someone helped us, but I don’t remember who. Erg. I wanted to remember the dream just because it was funny when said outloud. Let’s see…

I might upload some Prom pictures here before I go off clean my room/car/self. So much to do today. Let’s see, thinking it through, but not in order…

See Amber – Gotta see the sweety, the question is, do we date tonight, or do a group movie night?

Finish Thank Yous – Got a good run on them last night, let’s finish them today.

Clean My Car – I want to get all the trash paper out, put the important stuff away, find a check I’m missing, as well as try to take the middle thingy out and replace it with my sub and some cub holders. Don’t know if I can manage that.

Clean My Room – I made a mess taking out all the computer stuff yesterday, not counting the mess from before.

Do Some Laundry – I’m not wearing an outfit right now, it would be nice to have one ot wear.

Work On SMRC – I came so far the other night with the system, why can’t I just get it done so I can update it?

Work on John‘s Site – He want’s some stuff by July 1st, meaning, I’m running out of time.

Work on a site that I don’t even need to work on – Amber gave me this idea and with a slight push from Dave B. I might just do it.

Work at MSA – Stuff here as well, erg. Someone remind me I have to be there at 9am monday morning.

Mow the lawn, but probably not today.

I don’t know how to manage my time very well anymore. Stuff that doesn’t NEED to get done takes a back seat to the stuff I want to do. Eh, I don’t know. Let’s move forward though and see what I can get done. Later post.

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