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The plan stan

I am missing my motivation to do what I should vs. what I want to do. I should be doing math right now, but I’m not. Instead, I have been running around UO again as a stupid stupid person. I’m considering taking up bartending and event cooridination again, but I fear that this would only result in Amber getting mad at me for wanting to spend my saturday nights bartending in a virtual world. Maybe a different day would be a better idea. Perhaps Tuesdays?
In other news, tonight’s plans are to say the least, unsure. Amber wants to work on this thing for your Grandma. I agreed to help, which is cool, but I don’t really want to do it here. But if we don’t do it here, it means packing up a lot of equipment and moving it to her house. Although I kinda want to do this, I don’t with the weather. So the options are as they should be, and therefore: We’ll probably just work here.
In other news: I have no other news.
Things are rather uneventful. Not much debate about life in my head. Not much debate about anything. I suppose I could go read all the other blogs and then write stuff on them. That always results in some more comments to be made. I suppose I could post about yesterday as well. Perhaps I will do that.
Yesterday was movie night. We watched some chick flicks, which was ok. Nikki, John, Mikey, and Ashley were in attendance, as was Amber in a weird kinda way. We had a pretty good time beating up on each other and just talking throughout the entire movie. Also went to Applebee’s. Note to self: I don’t want to spend anymore money this weekend.
I posted my schedule yesterday and uploaded some CSS that I was hoping wouldn’t ruin anything on the page. We’ll see what it looks like on this page when I post, but if it’s still there, I’ll remove it again and let the table look like crap.
I forgot what I was doing again. Oh yeah… Posting.
I’m not overly happy with my grades at all this semester. I need to step it up here for the last week of class. It’s probably alreay to late to actually do anything, but even if we can get it up a letter, that would be nice. So perhaps that will be my motivation to go do something now. Perhaps.
Back to the macro… Maybe I’ll macro fishing this time… I have an idea afterall.

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