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A little more productive

I haven’t gotten around to doing that math yet, nor have I played anymore video games, nor have I chopped wood, nor have I had another can of pop. I have managed to update this site again. You know, I wonder if I could get back to my old ways. I really do. The ones where I would do crazy things from time to time like say stupid things like the world is flat or the best way to eat a french fry is through your nose.
Ok, so I lost my train of thought with the comment about the fry. I think it went like this: I did manage to change Amber’s design. Now all you coding experts: STAY AWAY. I don’t care if you go read her site or what not, but the HTML was coded very poorily using a method that I don’t like to promote, but sometimes saves me time. I call it Netscape Composer. Of course there are some hand modifications, but for the most part it came out of an editor.
Let’s the shock settle in.
I think I’m going to go continue to be unproductive now. I’m not even macroing… How sad is that.