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April Fools

So last year my prank was pretty good, changing the site to site closed. I might have lost a few hits and the like but man.. I know I got a few of you last year… This year, nothing, nada, not a thing… Unless I’m trying to fool you.. no wait.

I know the site has been lacking in posts the last week, and it will probably be that way for at least another few days, homework is killing me, slowly but surely. I’m not sure when I’m going to find time to get it all done, but I will.. I can and I will.

Rob’s birthday is tomorrow… If you want to join up to go and do stuff with him on his day, give my cell a call, I’ll try to return it (I’m not very good about returning calls lately).

Other new things:


I love Amber


If your looking for legit content, I forward you to Alex of Tumbledry for now, otherwise, I’ll be updating nice and good soon enough.

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