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Racing Time Again

The Nascar racing season is about to begin again. Daytona is less than a week away, and the little preview tonight known as the bud shootout will be here to welcome the drivers in for an all new season tonight on Fox. That said: I’ve decided that it’s time to take my Nascar love to the competition level. For all those interested, I have started a fantasy league at nascar.com. All you have to do is make an account, click on "Ultimate Fantasy League" and then say you wish to join a friends group. My username is jjdb210 and my password for league entry is: WALLA27642. So sign up by this friday if you wish to take me on. Only 5 people can play against me, so hurry over.

That said: Valentines day is only 2 days away. Anyone doing anything amazing? Anyone over worked like me? Anyone love their honey as much as me :-)? Of course, I love Amber yes I do. I love Amber, you better not too!


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