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Gaming for Intelligence

I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to type about in todayÂ’s post. It seems that I have gotten quite good at typing random things lately, seeing as my posts have gone more than the length of the page. That could just mean that I’ve made this column narrower, but really, I have been typing more junk for you to read as well. It has something to do with my campaign to give you every little detail of what has happened today, and seeing as most books give you details that range over sometimes only an hour, I should be able to do this without any issue.

So let’s try telling a story instead.

I was awaken this morning by the annoying loud sound of my cell phone. 7:45 it yelled over and over and over again. I picked it up off my floor and pushed the "shut up" button. Of course I never really can wake up in the morning, especially not mornings where it’s raining. The warmth of my bed continued to heat my feet, and I had to ask myself, is getting a new client really worth getting out of bed for?

The answer to that question was always invariably yes. So I rolled out of bed, quickly turning my body sideways at the last second so as to prevent my body from becoming yet another victim of gravity. I then stumbled my way to the restroom where I commenced in my daily routine of half assed washing. I always like to think that the point of getting cleaned up every morning is much like the second bucket of water in Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s not to help wake you up, it’s to get the smell off ya.

Upon the end of my shower, I realized for the second time this morning that it was in fact raining. Rain means low visibility. Low visibility means bad driving. Bad driving meant accidents on the freeway. Accidents on the freeway means slow driving for me. That of course ment, I was running late already. So I dashed a quick run to get my stuff, and then out the door I flew.

I managed to get there only 5 minutes late for my meeting. It was great getting another new client. They run a cabinet supply shop, and they are looking to move into the online market. I know we can help them, and in fact, as I found out later today, I very well in fact did. We are, in fact, almost done with their site. Go figure. I have noticed while writing this portion of my story, that I say in fact a lot. I wonder if anyone but me is finding that or this post annoying.

All things aside, after the meeting, I went on to spend a few hours working with code, eating bandwidth from our server, and thinking about how certain people in my life are just weird. In fact, there is this one character in my life who I swear is out to scam everyone and do so in a method that actually results in only scamming himself. Of course, we all find it funny that his attitude is one of such an easy lifestyle, and in fact, it is quite refreshing, but we all know there is one hard reality in life: someone always pays the price, and it’s normally the person getting what they want. In either case he is an interesting fellow. I quoted him as being the second weirdest person I had the pleasure of meeting at the U of M in my 4 years their. The first, for sake of the person, I will leave un-named.

I should mention here that I admire weird people. It’s more of a goal of mine. Weird people are people who don’t conform. We all are weird, which in fact is just another way of saying, we are all normal, which is another way of saying no one is weird, which is in fact another way of saying no one is normal. Logic, it seems, has a loop.
Sometime in the afternoon, probably around the imaginary time known as lunchtime, I realized I had a midterm today. It caught me a little off guard primarly because I had schedule a meeting with another professor only and hour before the test. That hour is normally spent studying all the course work that I hadn’t studied before. Luckily this midterm was open book, so I didn’t have all that much to fear, other than the deadline associated with it.

But before I get to the midterm, I would like to discuss my office hour period with the professor today. I don’t normally go to office hours. In fact, I have only been there in two instances that I can recall where it was with a professor (two more with TA’s). The first one with a professor was within a semester of me being there. I needed to make sure that someone wasn’t cheating off of me, and thereby, protecting my rear in case they were in fact doing just that. You never want to be accused of aiding and a bedding a cheater at a college university. That turns out to be a big no no. I of course found out that there was no cheating going on and I was in fact a paranoid 16 year old. That said, you still should never cheat.

The second time I’ve been to a professor for office hours I believe was today. This is the first time I recall ever going where I wasn’t going to be interrupted by another student (because it was privately schedule during non-regular office hours), and was probably the first time I ever thought the professor cared about what I was doing. The scary about about this, is up until today, I didn’t like this professor one bit.

It was funny though, he had played the Ultima Series for most of his younger life (not that he is old, because he surely isn’t). So he knew the game, who Lord British was, and I must admit, he seemed in awe of what I was doing for a final project. Apparently, I had struck a coolness factor with my assignment. He had some great ideas for easy of implementation as well as some suggestions for things I could do later down the road if I would ever want to make it more complicated. It was in fact, revitalizing. Of course, after 45 minutes of talking about my project, I had to leave to head to my midterm, but I feel it might have been some of the best 45 minutes I’ve had on campus in a long time. I might just have to try to get to office hours one more time before I graduate.

I took the elevator down to my midterm, rushing just a little to make sure I got a seat. I did in fact get there with plenty of time. I didn’t study at all. And I felt that out of the 7 problems, I got 100% on at least 5 of them. The other 2 I would say I got at least 50%. I’m guessing I didn’t quite ace the thing, but I came close, or so I feel.

The midterm of course resulted in a microwaved brain. I needed to relax and at the moment, I really missed Amber. I didn’t want to go over and stay for a long time, but I wanted to have a nice dinner with her, a real date if you will, where we ate, someone served us, and we could look into each others eyes. We actually don’t go on dates all that often, so when we get one, I like to savor it. I really should bring a flower next time I decide we need to go on one. I think the smile though I had to see her was more than enough for her.

So the evening was spent dining at Applebee’s. Not the nicest place in the world, but the closest around that wasn’t fast food. We talked about our days, our lives, money, school, scum in the eye, and a few other various things like family and the like. She looked lovely as ever, wearing her grey Arizona T-shirt. There are days where I miss her true splendor, both inside and out. Today was not one of those days.

Dinner was completed after many glasses of coke and strawberry/raspberry/some berry lemonade (I think that’s what it was). She walked me to my stop, where we departed for the night. I would of course be talking to her a little later, but it would be the last time today that I would see her. I walked up to my car, observing when I walked into the elevator lobby that the third elevator light had been activated. The elevator itself still was not in use, but I imagine that it’s only a matter of days now before all 3 elevators in the parking ramp have been fully upgraded. That should be good if they use some artificial intelligence to map out where those elevators need to be and when so that they are both energy and time efficient. After all, it should know that no one is parked on the third floor after so many people have come from the fourth. Interesting isn’t it?

The drive home was uneventful. I came up with this idea for trying to reduce my gas cost. The idea went as follows. Keep track of the price of gas every day. If the gas price was lower than the day before, then buy gas now, regardless of how full your tank is, if the price went up from the day before, do not buy gas. The concept being that as long as the price doesn’t go up more than 7 days straight, you should always be putting in the cheapest amount of gas that you can (on average) over a rolling 7 day period. Now my math is probably a little off here, and there still might be something to say for filling up on the days only when you see it really low, but strangely, I think this would balance out. If someone wants to do the real math for me or map it out based on 3 used gallons of gas a day, that would be really cool.

Upon arriving home, I pushed JR Corps into the red for the month. In fact, we are now at a bank balance that we have never seen before. We are by no means in trouble. Even if we never got another client again, we could afford to keep the servers running for another 1 and half years. My personal goal for the company this month is to break even, which, with the clients that we have lined up at the moment is seriously doable. It’s only a matter of billing them all before the end of the month by about 10 days. Yeah, it probably won’t happen, but we’ll be really up next month. That’s why we do everything by quarter around here.

TV viewing then commenced as well as brief periods of helping Amber via the phone with her stats homework. I haven’t done much with confidence intervals in the last 2 years, so it was a good refresher of something that for the most part I always seem to never need to use. I’m glad I could still be of help to her. I watched House and SVU, neither of the shows overly impressed me. I’m a little upset that they got rid of the girl that I was just starting to feel really could have some strange office romance. I’m also not liking how their making chase out to be the bad guy. Needless to say, it’s interesting, and I bet the girl really isn’t gone. Sometime around here, the thought of Everwood returning next week crossed my mind. I know slightly what happens, but I still can’t wait to see it. Never read show descriptions for the shows after the ones youÂ’re waiting to see. They will just ruin the results of the shows you want to see. 

That’s when I arrived here. Writing this almost story like post that could probably have been a 14 page paper. Curiosity has just crossed my mind wondering how many words this post is, and if it beats any of my previous records. I doubt it, seeing as I have only been writing for the last half hour.  

At the moment it has broken the 2000 mark, but who knows, at this rate I could keep going to 4000. The only issue now is, what to write about, for the story of this day does continue on, but only as I type this. For example, I could write about how I just wrote a really long post about my day. This could result in a loop itself, and we would be looping all over again. Loops, for the most part, are not my friend.

I think I might go to sleep now. I have math homework that I am going to do tomorrow instead of today because today just doesn’t seem like the right day to do the homework, and my brain says it would much rather read and write that perform complex logical analysis or multiplication. In fact, it would rather dance in circles than count money at the moment. Let’s here what Justin’s guide to the Universe has to say about money:

Useless. However, it’s stopping you from being everywhere you want to be.

Let’s try another entry, how about television.

Useless in the long run. Has great short term gains in helping one achieve a vegetable (sometimes known as a potato like state)

Ok, one more entry for tonight: sisters


Ok, that last one was a joke to continue on with the humor of this portion of the post. I never claimed I was a good writer, just one who did it quite frequently.

This site’s design has begun to bored me after writing just plain text for the last however long it has been. There is no sign of any design coming back. There is no sign of anything around here at the moment. I really think we need a sign. Maybe a road sign. How about a bathroom sign saying all employee’s must rinse first before returning to work. That sounds like an idea.

Speaking of bathrooms, whats with college students not being able to keep a bathroom clean. There are very few bathroom’s, particularly in IT that stay clean for some reason. I don’t think this is a factor of the janitorial staff either, because every morning when I get there, they are all very very clean. What I would like to be able to account for is why IT, and why not some random building like the Alumni Center, or better yet, Regis Art Center. I think it has to do with 2 things. I’m in IT more often so I see more chance for them to be messy, and 2 I think the foreign students particularly from places like Japan where automatic toilets probably abound, don’t realize they have to flush. It’s also possible that there are students who are used to releiving themselves in a hole, but I believe that most of the world has moved onto toilets which are for some reason, more sanitary.

Rinse your hand’s first they say.

I believe that my eyes have gotten bored with myself, so this post must come to yet another painful ending. This is the point where we switch a little more to fiction and talk about what’s going to happen to me in the next 5 minutes. I suddenly find myself breathing heavily, my left lung collapses, then my right. I scream for help with what little air I have left, but nothing comes out. I send out an instant message asking for America to call 911 for me and they do. I fall over, unable to breathe from some mysterious ailment. The lights begin to dim, and I passout. What happens next, only time will tell. (keyword: fiction)