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Wrong Choices

There is one thing in my life that scares me more than anything. What if I am making the wrong choice. It doesn’t matter what that choice is. What if it’s wrong. Ok, so this goes pretty well hand in hand with my need to always be right… But in situations where it doesn’t affect me, what if I’m wrong.

It can’t be redone.

It kills me to know that something I say, do, or feel, could drastically impact in a negative way someone else’s path. It kills me that I have been known to purposely suggest bad things when either a) I can’t find a good solution or b) I believe society more than I should. It kills me to know that choices I’ve made will at some point result in someone dying, perhaps even just a minute sooner.

Now on the flip side, I’ve probably prolonged a few lives as well. It’s all in balance I’m sure.

There’s an article on ABC claiming they have proved evolution by catching it in the act. I still want to see them turn a whale into a cow.

Recoverying data from a hard disk proves to be quite a challenge.

I need sleep. I have a lot of homework tomorrow.

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