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Rinsefirst Hacked

Congradulations to Joe of JB Corps.com of hacking Rinsefirst. I am quite impressed at all the time and effort you put into making it happen. I wonder a little if you didn’t peak at the source first because getting it exactly right like that would of course take hours for most people. I really should go through all the code from my past and start cleaning it up. I know there are bugs. I know they should be fixed.

In either case, next time you manage to pull that off Joe. Please feel free to make a most. Remember, as long as it’s not permanent damage (IE: I don’t have to go looking for my backups), and as long as it’s not just mean (like redirecting to a porn site, or timing the attack like the day I’m going to be presenting it to someone (not that I do that)), I think it’s fair. You went to all that work to find the hole in my site, you deserve to get some credit for it.

As for those of you wondering what he did: It was SQL injection on my user system. I don’t feel like sharing the code because at the moment, the bug probably exists on at least 1 other site and I don’t feel like fixing it at the moment.

In other news: Ashley is sick again. Everyone hope she get’s better.

I spent most of my day out at the University of Minnesota with my partner sean, working on a school project. He’s a pretty cool kid, knows what he is doing, and we got along just fine. We managed to finish the Othello game with legal rules and all that fun stuff. Now comes the fun part of actually building a bot to play the game. Hopefully we can kick some booty in the tournament if we make good time on tuesday evening.

I really would love to write a bunch of stuff for hours on end, but I again have church tomorrow. That’s life I suppose. I wish I could get all my work done in a snap. Nascar at my house if anyone wants to watch.

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