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A hungry but fine morning

After shutting off a series of alarm clocks over a period of an hour, starting at 5 am, I finally got out of bed to do my Spanish homework which I had so keenly neglected to do the night before. To my luck this morning, it was raining, so I could always use the excuse that traffic delayed me (which of course it did).

Spanish class we are learning conditionals. I must say that Spanish people have so many different ways to pronounce words that it is not funny. I know Enlgish has a good number such as ed, s, and all the others, but those are just their for the fun of it. Either way, thats what we are learning, and I question my reasoning for waking up early to learn that.

It did however spark my interest in the creation of a language with no basis in time. There would be no past, there would be no future, there would be no present, there would be conditional, there would be no subjective, no imperfect… just words, run together. Nouns and Verbs. Adjectives would take over the stem modifications so that that there are about a million different ways you can say any word, but at least they still have their base word. For example if in English you said “blue car”, it would now become “Cablue” or how about a “yellow cars” would be “Cayellows”. This could get extremely entertaining, and if I ever get to programming a translater, I will be sure to include the ability on my site to translate these horrifically irritable posts into the jibberish that will become the babel of JR Corps.

In other news: I have English homework to do, so I will leave… Bye!

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