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Pre-Blogging and Travel Memories

Give my last post about how busy I would be the next few days, I thought I would take to preblogging a bunch of posts for the sake of well… fresh content. If your reading this, it’s probably Saturday morning, and my preblogging has just begun. Odds are my family is scrambling to leave the house, and we are probably behind schedule as usual.

Some of you may care to know, that I have never spent Christmas anywhere but Nebraska my entire life. We’ve traveled during blizzard conditions, on Christmas eve day, and even late into the night. I thought I would share some classic memories of these travels because well… They are just fun.

For example: Did you know that close to 65% of the time, we travel back on my birthday? I can remember countless times where we would stop to eat in either South Dakota or Iowa for lunch at Valentino’s Pizza. I can remember many times where I would end my lunch with a nice ice cream sundae (most of time with crunched up Oreo’s on top). Which brings me to classic memories number 2.

Amy used to eat the ice cream at Valentino’s when we traveled. Actually it didn’t matter if it was Valentino’s, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, or any other place that served Ice Cream… The story would go like this (and did so for probably the first 17 years of Amy’s life..)

Amy: Mom, I would like ice cream
Dad: Amy, you can’t have any ice cream, it will make you car sick
Amy: But dad…
Mom: Oh honey, let her have some, just a little, she’s older now she can handle it.
Dad: Ok.

30 minutes later, we would be pulled over on the side of the highway, dumping out a bucket (we learned to travel with one) of Amy’s lunch and letting amy walk around in the cold for awhile. I swear, this happened like every year for 10 years.

I only remember having trouble once on the way to Nebraska… Dad got pulled over for a speeding ticket. He simply got a warning, which was good… But really, we have been very lucky to never have a tire go flat while on the road, or some other mechanical failure.

I do recall a few trips where something was just starting to go wrong (like the brakes), and I seem to recall one trip where we had to get a tire changed once we got to Nebraska (not so sure about that one). But again, for the most part these trips are fairly uneventful.

Well let’s hope todays drive will go smooth. I’ll update again in about 5 hours when we should be crossing the Iowa State line… Of course, I wrote both this post and the next one a few days ago… So I’m sure even when I’m in the middle of no where without internet access, the post will still make it online right on schedule.