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After Christmas Marketing

It never seems to surprise me how quickly the stores put everything on sale after the holidays and before New Years. I could go on and on about how dumping their supplies at the end of every holiday season is good both for them and for the consumer. In fact, every year for the last 10 years, my sister and my mom take a trip to Walmart the day after Christmas, solely to purchase Christmas wrapping paper for the NEXT year (basically they save something like 90% on wrapping paper after Christmas because Walmart doesn’t want to store that stuff).

In any case, there was something else that caught me by surprise this Christmas with regards to holiday shopping.

It was that none of them seemed to pull down their advertisements (and still haven’t). Try it:

  1. Go to “google.com”
  2. Search “Christmas Cards”
  3. Look at the adwords along the top and sides.

Why in the world are these people still advertising on these keywords after the holidays? Are they trying to keep the bids down by holding the position (I don’t think that works)? Are there actually that many people searching (and buying) Christmas cards in January? Are they just to lazy to pull them offline? Really? If someone knows why the marketers keep marketing Christmas cards for the first 8 months after Christmas, I would love to know, because I have to believe those are pretty competitive words, and that every fake click costs them something rather drastic.

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  • Nikki January 23, 2008, 5:52 am

    Maybe the cost of keeping it is worth the income it brings in during the peak season. I also find it amusing that one of the links in your Adsense column right now is "Christmas Music" another is "Christmas Loans" and yet another is for a "Merry Christmas Songbook".