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Last Chance To See WoW: Part 3 – Stranglethorn Vale

One of the larger zones in the game, Stranglethorn Vale, will also be undergoing some significant chances when the malestorm begins.

My guess is that it won’t be the entire zone, so much as the coastal parts of it, as the jungle area’s are pretty iconic right now… and for Blizzard to change that would be… well depressing.

To be honest, I spent WAY to much time in this zone. I can remember Mikale and I starting in Booty Bay every night for like 3 months… Not sure we always needed to start there, but it seemed like a good base of operations at the time.  I remember dying here countless times… but more importantly, some of my biggest successes came here as well (for example, killing the giant tiger Sin’Dall).

One of my first memories in this place was the bridge leading into Stranglethorn… I had never been here before, and as I typically do, I ran into the zone without really looking… I ran right past the bridge, fell down (taking damage), separating myself from Mikale (the healer), and then immediantly running into 2 problems: 1) Not knowing how to get back up to the higher level where Mikale now was… and 2) A raptor trying to kill me… If memory serves me correctly, I did end up dying at the hands of the raptor, just as I had spotted the way back to Mikale.

Then there was Hemit Nesingwary… who later moved to Outland and then Northrend… I remember when the original guy was here… giving us the quest’s Jr. now gives us… He gave us all the hunting quests, which were rather fun… In any case, here’s me with Jr.

An of course, who could forget Booty Bay, as I’ve already mentioned… So many iconic landmarks here… So many memories. In any case, here are some of the few other Iconic spots in WoW I stopped at on my Last Chance To See Tour.

Hmmm… maybe I should got back and take a picture of Venture Co… They were pretty big here too for awhile for me… Eh, hopefully they won’t be going anywhere.