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Paper Jam Scavenger Hunt

Well this morning started off with a slight bit of dissappointment. I needed a sheet of paper to do on the spot admissions today. I didn’t have it. So in other words, I have to go to on the spot tommorow. I guess thats fine, just a longer delay. So tommorow we will find out I guess.

Our team has tentatively won the scavenger hunt for the second year in a row. This is cool. I wish we could just share it with everyone. It would be more fun that way if all my friends got to enjoy it.

If you are reading this: you have plans for the Nov. 24th. We need 384 people or something like that for a youth worship service at Woodbury Lutheran. I believe it is at 7:00pm. Why do we need this many people? Because then, Derek will be bald! BWHAHAHHAhahahah.

I am now forgetting what I was going to post here before so instead I will change topics and talk about bedroom floors. Someone one the Disney channel once said that the floor is the biggest shelf in the house. I like this theory a lot, but I got to thinking about it and came up with a much better shelf. What if the ceiling had the ability to attract certain objects to it and leave the rest on the ground. For example: what if you had a baby that had lots of kids toys that they liked to play with all over the living room. You had guests coming over that evening and you really didn’t want to have to pick up the floor for them. Instead, you just flip a switch, and all the toys go to the ceiling. Not only would this be a cool design as seen by your friends, but it would also make it possible to walk in and out of the room. You could apply this idea to clothes, books, just about anything. The question is how to go about doing it.

So I thought for a little while longer and I figured there has to be a way to attract any object. It would be like some magnetic thing, but even more powerful. I thought about molecular bonding, then about moon shoes, and then of course about that strange thing that attracts men to women and vise versa. There must be something in common with all of them. There is. It is the mind humans that created them. So why can’t a human mind create what will now be known as the ultimate attractor? They can be, you just have to think you are it. So from now on… all objects I want to be attracted to me will be, because I said so. Lets try it.

“book come here”
book doesn’t move
“book, I said come here”
book doesn’t move
JJ gets up picks up the book and brings it where he wants it
“Very good book”

See that worked… Now tommorow, we will see how far we can take this theory by uh… telling the University of Minnesota to be attacted to us and thereby ask us to let us in. Thats what we look forward to. Thats what we all will be waiting on. Oh wait, that and this other thing, which only I am waiting for. Well actually, many people are waiting for it, just not the same thing. Ah bah, not important . Never pay attention to me . Night all.

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