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Hey to the new readers

Rumor has it we might have a new readership reading this site. Well, maybe not, but we would like to think so. I haven’t even checked the hit counter, so maybe I’ll do that before I go to bed. In other hit counter news: at some point the SMRC broke 60,000 hits. Who would have thought I would have ever had such an impact?

Amber and Jon are in Chicago. I miss them already. I hope they had a good trip there. I almost want to get in a car and drive to see them tomorrow, but no, that’s not going to happen. Good luck in Chicago, and if I have any readers in Chicago, which I don’t, may I suggest going to St. Paul’s church. I think that’s where they are playing. To bad they will miss Nikki‘s b-day.

It looks like I wont be missing Nikki‘s birthday afterall. I just finished this stupid scholarship application. If they for some reason find this site and read this entry, this is what I would like to say to them: I don’t like being treated as a number, even though I am by 99% of the organizations I belong to, including my own. I don’t like how you score things, as far as I can determine by the do not mark boxes on this application, and lastly, I don’t like the whole idea that you make the applicants come to you. You should hunt out the applicants… if that makes any sense… Like sports.

Speaking of Nikki, went to a movie with Rich and her. Overall, I had a good time, but a) the movie wasn’t something ment for all of us, and was a little sick on some of the jokes, b) I should not be allowed to have 2 banana malts, for multiple reasons. Nikki: I hope your feeling better and that you get plenty of rest. I’m sorry you had to leave us early.

Ok, well, I think I still got a list of things to do, but right now the pressing objective of my desire is sleep. So that’s what I am off to do. Sleep.

Oh yeah… Don’t let BBB run around dungeons. He just gets killed. Over and Over and Over and Over.

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