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MSA 2.2

Ok, so today was day 2 and this is where the first wave of nightmare work hit. So let’s run down the line.

I took Amber to school again at 7:00am again this morning. I love her being the first person I see in the morning. It’s great to look at her and see her smile. I can’t think of a much better way of starting my day.. Well, ok, so if I was picking her up at 10:00am it might be a little nicer… Or how about 11:00 :-).
I then darted over to MSA where I wanted to be there in time for the Teachers meeting. I began working on the image for the new computer as well as the ARCIMS server and a few other random things. Sometime during that the new computers arrived. Two of them came damaged so I spent like an hour dealing with FEDEX and Equus as to how to handle the insurance claim. Fun huh?
I called in Adam B. today. I should give him a link if it doesn’t do it automatically. He did a great job helping me til 4 in getting the packages unpacked and such. While he did that I went from teacher to teacher helping them get reaquainted with the system and getting their computers plugged back in. I failed to get to four teachers today… They are first on my list tomorrow.
After my work till 4 (that was an 8 hour day) I went to Applebee’s with Amber, Nikki, and Nate. That was the fun part of my day. Just sitting there chatting and making insults at one another. We must all be good friends cause no one really got mad :-). I should cut back though. I am getting out of hand.
After dinner, Amber and I went back to MSA. Amber worked on the room Adam was working on and got it all nice and pretty for the students tomorrow. While I went back to working on the Image. I snagged a permissions bug *of the worst kind* and that stopped me in my tracks for about 30 minutes. *Didn’t realize it was permissions at first*. I have another bug in my way here shortly involving teachers and a change Dan made to the server *Dan if your wondering, guess what happens if you change a group name from Teachers to Staff :-)*.
I took Amber to Target about 9:15 (That was another 2 hours for those of you who are counting) and then home. She was buying something for her sister’s friend. She is so kind and caring of her family. That’s why I love her. After taking her home I went back to MSA to get my cell phone (I accidently left it there).
Ok, so do I ever walk into the building and not do work? No… I ended up sitting down to the computer and hashing out another hack for Mavis. For those MSA students who care: Mavis will now be running off the hard drive with user data on the network. MEANING: MAVIS WONT CRASH… MEANING: MAVIS WILL RUN FASTER… MEANING: NO HIDIOUS NETWORK LOAD TIME… MEANING: NO EXTRA LINE TO THE SCRIPT FILES. Cool huh?
So that put me at about 11ish, for those who are counting thats another 1 for a total of 11. I only clocked 10 because that last hour was spur of the moment and I didn’t really care at that point. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be at long, but I can already see it being that long. I didn’t get to calling in Bartz, Colleen, or Adam… Let alone trying to contact Dan. Erg is what I have to say to that.
Tomorrows Agenda:

Take Amber to School/Pickup/Sleep



Start and Finish Laptop Image

Call in helpers to start imaging NN’s and Old Compaqs

Start and Finish Compaq Image???

Debug ImageServer on ArcIMS???

clean server room???

Image laptops???

Much of that stuff will need to be done in the afternoon mainly because Orientation is in the morning. John, I’ll call you first thing in the morning, but dude.. Bookwise… I’m looking screwed.
Out for sleep

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