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MSA 2.4

So day 4 is completed at MSA. To make the long story short, Adam B., Kevin K., Colleen S., and Joe B. did a great job helping me today. I’m going to find a way of plugging all their diary’s here shortly, but I’m a little busy right now and away from home… *I wanna be a little more creative than say… just linking to them in 1 post.*
So… What’d we get done…. A new laptop image is made and ready to be put on the laptops. The compaq image is going slow but is about halfway done *erg is what I say to that*. 15 computers have been marked ‘ready to sell’. There are 4 that have been scrapped for parts and 1 for spare usage. I should clean the server room to make sure there is nothing else we want to sell. I also wanna talk to minsley about how we plan on selling them…
Tomorrow, we won’t be working. To make the long story short, I have orientation and can’t be there. Minsley could fill in for me, but I feel we are far enough ahead of schedule that I can finish the work by myself probably on Saturday and Sunday. Worst case, I call them in on Monday and Dan and I finish it all up. I don’t see that happening though at this point.
Tonight may very well be the last movie night of the summer. I will be placing some calls here shortly to make sure all that should be invited are invited. I don’t think we will go overly late because I think Nate has school in the morning, not to mention me having orientation as well.
In other news: JR Corps is moving its way up in the world, but I will post more about that later.
Sim, I will contact you as soon as I can, but this week is insane.
Ok, I’m off to water my plants briefly.

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