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Mozilla Standards

Last update was better, so I’ll copy the most important thing out of it:
In case you didn’t see it or the video didn’t work and you just got sound, you can click this to view it properly. I have a higher quality one but I don’t think I’ll upload that.
Other than that, for those of you less fortunate that are using a browser other than say IE 6 or NS 4… I have started taking measures to bring the ISMS to you. As some of you may have noticed, it started putting itself in the right location sometime on Wednesday, and as of today, if you click it, it opens up such that you can read it… However, something still isn’t working quite right and I’m not quite sure what it is. For example: Mozilla returns no errors, and yet, it is clear that for some reason, it isn’t making a smooth transition from open to closed. Not to mention, neither of the links to post or view all work. I dont know… Maybe I’ll redesign the site and go from there… Later I guess…
As for me, I’m off to bed to watch Yu-Gi-Oh in the morning.

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