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Logically Fallacy

So the perfect timing between me looking at my posts and the ISMS posts makes for a wonderful reason to continue the horrible logic that I started last night. Apparently, Nikki wanted to refute that love is not money because God is not money but God is love.
As it turns out however, if you think it through to utter wrongness, you can say that yes indeed, God is money. Based on my current research, most churchs are up and running the basis that they are selling God to the people. Or better yet, that people are paying God to love them through their offering. Or maybe you want to say that people love God and thereby have decided to pay him because they love them. No matter what angle you take, I’m sure using bad logic I could easily twist it to say that, Yes in deed, God is money. Heck, for that matter God is everything. And because God is everything, here thereby must be nothing. And therefore, according to some people, vanishes in his own logic.
The problem is that you can’t actually vanish if you weren’t there in the first place.
SO then what really is the truth?
Truth is of perspective. Perspective is subjective. Things that are objective are fact. I’m sure I’ve rambled something like this before, but as now it would be 10:30, I think I am going to either type my physics or play UO. Any guesses which?
*Yells: “NO NOT MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT” as he see’s it appear on the bottom of the page again.
One last thing: Nikki does not support anything I say, except the things that are supportable by her. On a more interesting note: Amber supports everything I say, except the things she doesn’t.

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