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More CSS Frustration

Alex and I have been spending way to much time trying to figure out this CSS issue. At this point, I have decided to resolve that the height of the column just won’t matter… How can it. I suppose I could use Javascript to get it right, or worse, tables. Two columns without tables simply should not be this hard.
For those of you who don’t understand why I’m choosing to avoid tables in the first place: It has to do with the underlying issue of how the page will look when completed in Netscape 4, 3, 2, 1 and any text based browser. I want H1 to be at the top, followed by the navigation, followed by content. With tables, the layout gets put in there, and well… It’s a nightmare. So at all costs, tables must not be used for this particular design. How do I feel about that? I don’t.
On the upside of my frustration: I just finished a battle in Final Fantasy which took about 30 minutes too long. Not to mention, I decided not to save after it because I screwed something up. Kinda sucky right? So I basically just wasted 30 minutes of my life (and my battery life) doing something that I’m just going to have to do again. Yay!!!
On the upside of something other than my frustration: Seti is nearly within 500 units of Dan. Goal: Pass Dan by New Years. I think I can do it :-), maybe not if he reads this :-).
The USB DDR adapter shipped sometime early last week. I expect it in the mail any day now. As for the metal pad: No word yet. They said they would email me when it ships… They haven’t yet.
I forgot I wanted to make a DVD tonight. Oh well. It’s not all that important anyway.
I don’t know if there was anything else or not. If there was.. I don’t remember it. What’s that mean for you and me then? I don’t know. Hey.. Do we like it better now that I’m approaching my 2 updates/day average again? Maybe 3? Tell me in the ISMS, mainly because people haven’t been posting there lately. Maybe it’s broken.. Who knows.
Off I go.

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