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The Tree

So we just finished getting the tree for this year… I took a picture of it before we mutilated it with lights and decorations. After I took the picture, I then played with it in Paint Shop Pro. I happened to stumble into something that seemed like it created snow, so I thought because it looked cool, I would post both images.. Here goes:

These can also be found in the image section of the site. I thought maybe I would spend a little more time uploading there again.
Oh and one more note… I found a bug this morning in the code for the guess the present system… It was telling you no, no matter what you guessed (when I wrote the code the first time I forgot to check it’s connection to the DB… and well, it was still running on my test DB… so as you can guess it didn’t work right). So yeah, problem’s fixed. You might want to try guessing again.
Other than that: Not much.. Christmas is starting to hit in full swing! Later all.

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