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Vikings, Work, and Stuff

I’m tired and can feel it. Two nights in a row of partying till 1am… That will wear you out.
Church was good. I felt like I was putting my heart into it, which is not something I do very often anymore. I’m a little concerned with attendance and what I have been doing for people lately, so maybe it’s time to reexamine some things in my life. Make sure I have what I want, am getting it in a way that seems right, and am not hurting others in doing so.
I could have gone over to Amber’s for brunch but I didn’t. I’m not totally sure why either. I just didn’t. I didn’t want to. Maybe that’s a bad thing. I do need to get a good amount of physics done, but I could have done that after. I just don’t know anymore and it’s starting to kill me.
In good things. Vikings are kicking. Someone discovered that Randy Moss can catch in the end zone. 3 deep passes and we still aint done. Securing our playoff spot, that tis be what we be doing. That’s good.
Well, I’m going to try to code, get some physics done, and maybe finish some christmas presents. That would be my goals for today. Yep.
I do need to get a pop though.. Not that it matters to you people. :-).

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