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Coltranem, Trains, and my favorite things

Ok, so really the title of this post makes no sense what-so-ever. That is however perfectly all right, for this site never made either sense, or cents.

At present, I am listening to John Coltrane’s version of My Favorite Things. You know, that piece from the Sound of Music. Yep, it’s playing on my mp3 player at this moment as I write this post before heading to bed.

Let’s start by saying I’m home. I’m back to the good old midwest *(did I ever leave?) The tornados couldn’t stop me. The trains didn’t get in my way. The bride’s train didn’t even start on fire. What a great end to a great weekend. Am I making any sense?


Ok, so while I was gone I managed to write what is a good baseline for the first chapter of my book. I ran into a problem after that chapter though. I ran out of plot. See I knew how the book started, but not where to take the character. Luckily my cousin helped me find a theme I can work with.

The theme involves something we know and love in computer science, but that too is all I can say for fear of someone beating me to writing the book.

Currently the book is about a guy named Stan. That’s all you really need to know at this point. The style is similiar but not exactly like Douglas Adam’s, and, according to my preferred English Major, it has quite a few grammarical errors if it were to be a non-fiction piece of work. Luckily he says, my style flows, and in fiction, that’s all that matters.

I would post what I have for a first chapter, but I think it needs to be about 2 pages longer. Maybe a little more about a couch. Maybe a little more about the spacecraft. Maybe a little more about the book. Who knows. All I know is that Stan is now on his way to "Even-Odds", a bar in England.

Brilliant huh?

For those of you who don’t know, shattered cubed opened recently. I wasn’t going to say that until we moved them to the new server, but I did anyway in hopes that we can get Sir Sim to start updating. I don’t really know if he ever will, but it would be nice if he would. That way when I get back from trips like this, I can figure out if he had planned on car-pooling tomorrow, or not. In other words, he’s at a movie, and I don’t know if I’m supposed to pick him up.

Amber is still in California. I miss her. I think I said this already, but, she gave me this really cute photo albums that reminded me of all the good time’s we’ve had, and, after being at a happy wedding all weekend, has made me want to only have more happy times with her. It’s amazing how many memory’s we’ve shared and how happy we’ve looked in them. Life without Amber is just about impossible to imagine.

They get back tomorrow night (if all goes according to plan). They’ll probably come back with sunburns and 1 more bag then they left with. Who knows. I didn’t get to talk to Amber today (nor Nikki) so I don’t know what is really going on. All I know is that I need to pick them up at the Airport tomorrow night. Late tomorrow night.

I started playing a video game today. I love it when I start a new video game. I still have 70 missions left to beat in Final Fantasy Tactics, but I’ll save those for when I’m bored because for the most part, they just require unlocking. In otherwords: as far as I know, I’m out of story in that game.

As for the game that I’m playing now, it’s all story. I started playing Sword of Mana which as far as I can tell, is somewhere between FFA and SOM. I would have to play both of them again to figure out which one it’s more closely related too, but needless to say, it reminds me of FFA. With the whole battle arena and all. Of course, it’s much much prettier.

In other gaming news: T-Wolves won. I didn’t even know they were playing till John called me up tonight. The series is now tied at 1-1 and we’re on our way to California. For those of you who want to know what the big deal about tonights game was: It means we get to play at least 1 more game this season. Everytime we lose, it basically means that the Laker’s get to play at least one more game. See how that works? Sometimes, if you win, you get to play 4 more games. Cool huh? That’s b-ball for ya.

I need to get my hard pad up to MSA one of these days. Hmm, when to do that.

Need to sign this contract too. When to do that…

Server is getting closer and closer to completion… This list of remaining things to do (some of these are rather big, some are not):

Install FTP (actually, configure FTP might be a better way of saying this)
Fix permission settings (some of the emails don’t work upon first creation)
Set some users up for some people
Install AWStats
Move Server to new location
Cry when something breaksI must say I’ve learned way more than I expected. I thought I knew a lot about apache from MSA. I thought I knew alot about DNS from MSA and JR Corps. I thought I knew email. Boy was I wrong. But at least now I can say that I know all of them, and much better than I did before.

Got a problem with your DNS server? 🙂

Ok, I have work in the morning, and this post is plenty long. Later allz.

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