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Good Morning

I just finished playing a good number of hand of 500 with Amber and her family. It was loads of fun, especially when we got away from the frustrating part of the game where people who don’t care just throw cards around… Oh well, we can’t all want to be egotistical like myself…

Yes that’s right. As many of you know, I’m egotistical. I have to win. I do win. The best part is, I know it. Ok, I also know I don’t always win. I also know, there is always someone better. But you ever wonder if you aren’t the best at something? And even if you are the best at something, why would you not want to be better?

Take Tetris for example. Tetris is the capstone of my achievements in video games. It’s the reason I’m good at other video games. For those of you who don’t know, Tetris is the game I’ve been known to play for 2-3 hours straight. No, not as in I played a series of rounds for 2 hours straight… That’s nothing… No I played a single round that lasted 2+ hours. The N64 version has me highscored at 6600+ lines. The gameboy version I maxed out at 2500+ and I was still going (long story that I’m sure is in this blog somewhere). Now all that said, I have yet to meet anyone that has come even remotely close to those scores, and yet if I did, I would look forward to it. I love challenges, I love improving myself. If you want want to know why I like being the best, it’s because sooner or later, someone will prove to me I’m not. When that happens, I learn.

That said, I could be a little less arrogant about it.

There’s my self help for the day. Yes, that was my self help. No book… Just people ragging on me for kicking butt at Tetris.

By the way, that’s 2 nights in a row now that I’ve played Tetris again. Not so much my own doing either. In interesting related new, my game is 17,000 lines (I think, Amber doesn’t believe me) away from completing the final wonder. That’s 473,000 lines that have been played on my game. Out of those, 336,000 of those lines have been credited to my name (through myself or winning them from other people.) Add on top of those the lines on my Tetris DX game (about 60,000), putting my probably well over 500,000 lines of tetris (with the addition of the original, computer based, etc.). That’s just nutz.

That’s me though.

This site is another key example. Why do I write this? To remember my life… Why else? To let other’s in. Why else? To improve my writing (which has only happened to a small degree). But really, it’s over the top. I mean common, 800+ posts… That’s nutz. 

It applys everywhere… Over the topness:
When will you finish college? 2 years early.
How many jobs do you have? 3.
How much time do you spend working? Too much.
Play Poker? Too much.
Play Ultima Online? 7 years now
Number of Nintendo Games? 150+
Amount of knowledge about computers? Too much.

Now here’s the kicker:
Amount of money spent on frivelous and needless things that don’t improve something I’m working towards: close to zero.

The only thing you might count as frivelous is food, and when it comes to that… I need it.

Was there a point to this post? Not really. Should I be awake running a post like this? Probably not. Does any of this really matter? No. What sucks? Big Business. What sucks? Centralization. What’s needed? Big Business and Centralization. That however, is another post.

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