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Heading to Bed

I was a lot more productive today than I was yesterday. Got more done on the Billing system for JR as well as headed into MSA to do about 2 hours worth of work. All in all a nice day, I could have got more done, but still a good day.

Marcell left today… I should have made more time to spend with him, he was a cool kid. Hopefully he comes back again, either that or maybe Maria can see him while she is in Germany and say hi to him for all of us.

I missed Amber more today then I think I ever have. It hit me in church when neither her or Nikki weren’t there.. It’s amazing how I no longer like being independant. I used to love it, now it drives me to an insane point of bored’m that makes me only miss Amber more… Ahh how a woman can drive you mad even when they aren’t around :-). That’s love for ya.

Nikki is missing. Tried multiple forms of communication. We’ll try one more tomorrow. Here’s praying that she is ok.

Prayers go out to the familys in Flordia. I believe my cousin is ok, but I haven’t heard officially.

Sleep well world.