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Probably wont make it

I don’t think I’m going to make my goal of a 1000 posts by the end of the year. It would be tough to do with an average of slightly less than 3 a day. I can’t even seem to manage an update once a day. How sad is that.

Logic lately has been lacking from my life. I sit here in my last class for this week wondering, why can’t I just go home sleep. Or, why can’t I just go home and enjoy a television show. Why is it, I must go home and code. Why is it, I must go out to dinner. Why is it, that life keeps me moving faster than my feet want to keep up.

The answer is: I’m going places. Most of the places I’m going to I have no clue about. God seems to have a plan for me, and with that, I’m running. God demands one thing from us… and that’s for us to follow him. He’s not hiding, or making it difficult. He’s not overly complicated or filled with loop holes. He is love. That said, once you have started following him, you want to be in line with his path. His path though, can be difficult. His path though, will take you places you don’t even know exist.

That said….

I want an island. I always have, preferably one in the ocean so as not to be subject to any government ‘persay’. However, that would never happen. Instead, I must settle for an existing one that is owned by a nation. On the upside, this means they supply utilities.

I didn’t know how to go about buying an island, so I thought about it briefly and relized you can buy anything on ebay… I wanted one with a house already on it (to much work to build something on an island), and I believe I found one:


Now to convince my parents to move to New York :-).

That’s really all I had to say with this post… Maybe more later.

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