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Why everyone should switch to firefox

I was never going to throw my hat into the ring to switch browsers, even though I knew firefox was better? Why? Because from my perspective, I believe the better browser is the one that get’s used more, and that happens to be IE at the moment. I don’t care if it’s about features or a company…. the fact is: IE had a good marketing plan, and for a good period of time, had many cooler features (although unstandard) and still does.

But today I have changed my mind. I was using firefox today, when, while browsing Mezzoblue, I noticed a little orange icon in the lower right corner. I had never seen this icon before, so I thought I would click it. Now I’m told in some versions of firefox it says RSS, in the most recent version, it’s little orange icon. Either way…

Upon clicking, it asked me if I wanted to Subscribe to the RSS feed… I’m like sure, that sounds cool. Upon doing so it asked me where I wanted to put the live bookmark. I gave it a location and then went to check the live bookmark.

Sure enough, there was a bookmark called Mezzoblue, but what was cool about it was how it showed the last 10 posts. Now, I know millions of people are probably aware of live bookmarks, but I had never taken the time to notice (nor do I use firefox all that often to surf), but to me this was cool! I could click the bookmark and pick from any of the last 10 posts, making quick and easy to read anything I might not have read.

I went on to discover that the RSS feed I had made awhile back would work for this live bookmark thing, all it would take would be a line in my code.

So I added the line….

Now, if your using firefox at this moment, you’ll see an orange icon. You should click that icon and say subscribe to rss. Then look at your bookmarks… Isn’t that cool?

That’s my browser lesson for the day. More later.