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A switch coming?

Well researching the usage of database software across the world, I ran into someone who has recently taken the lead (I guess) in open source databases. It’s called Firebird, and I’m sure a lot of people are running into it because that used to be the name of the now cool browser known as Firefox. You can find it here: http://firebird.sourceforge.net/

It sounds like it’s better than mysql, however, I haven’t found to much that I can’t do with mysql, but it’s still cool that someone has found a way to do it better (go figure). I doubt I’ll be changing anytime soon because of how much relies on what we have now, and because I love phpMyAdmin and their web interface isn’t quite up to par: 

If someone has worked with it before, send me an email and tell me what you think about it. I’m curious :-).

On another note: I’ve also discovered how to figure out where the MP3’s are stored for a flash file (IE: a flash jukebox). Very interesting method to secure that I feel (At least more than it is) might be useful to some people.

Ok, well class is over, time to go.

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