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Popcorn Salt

Lately, I find myself finding my body in weird situations that I’m not entirely sure what brought them on. For example, I’ve started eating breakfast again. It’s really weird. I haven’t eaten breakfast more than 2 days in a row in a very long time, and now I’m up to like 6 days. It’s weird and I think it’s messing with my diet.

So much so that I seem to be on a late night diet now of popcorn salt and Dr. Pepper. Yes, I did say popcorn salt. Not salt on popcorn. Just a nice little mound of salt that I dip my finger in, eat, then drink a sip of Dr. Pepper. I can’t imagine this is at all healthy, but I do it non the less the last few nights.

I’ve also been staying up later than normal. Not always because of pokemon either. Mostly because I get coding idea’s. I dont know what I’m doing, but ok.

John was just acting all weird, I don’t know why. Amber seems to be mad at me, I don’t know why. Nikki sounds like she’s up to trouble, but I don’t know why. Elizabeth got the shaft, but I don’t know why. On the upside: Alex is redesigning, and I don’t need to know why.

What if we are entertainment? Would we be Drama? Comedy? Tragic?

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