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A Quick Update

Spring break came and went. Most of mine was spent working on MSA’s furnance, which I must admit, was a very interesting learning situation. Those things are so similiar to routers in there configuration. Maybe I will have to go into the repair HVAC business… Maybe not.

The rest was spent working on other sites. Lots of stuff done, lots of stuff still to do.

I just finished a midterm. My brain is a little fried, so I apologize for the randomness of this post. John is sending me IM’s about the shooting today. It seems like I should care, but really… It happened, and therefore can’t be stopped. I’m more concerned about what we can do to prevent it from happening again than I am about what happened. It is however sad.

Everwood isn’t on again. Oh well, I have homework to do.

Every day this week I need to be up by 8. That’s too early. What can I do though? JR needs to make money to pay the bills. Don’t want anyone’s website going down (no, we aren’t in any sort of danger of that, yet).

Richard told me to start the midnight clock. So I will get going on that.

Oh, one more thing… I’m now 2 and 2 after a hard loss to Nikki on Sunday… 2 weeks until round 5, where things should get shaken up a little bit.